Business law

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Consolidation

We specialize in the legal and tax design of effective M&As, including preparation of the entire transaction process, due diligence, reviews of the legal and tax benefits and risks, process and contractual documentation elaboration, and closing.

Establishing and setting up companies

We can establish and set up companies according to your needs, including legal and tax design, setting up a basic contractual agenda (including sample contracts, an ordering system, general business terms and conditions, guarantee and logistics terms and conditions, etc.); we can ensure the proper course of your general meetings and comprehensive corporate agenda; and we can set up the internal legal processes of your company.

Loan agreements

We focus intensively on configuring, preparing and continuously updating loan agreements and effective security instruments for typical banking products as well as leasing, non-traditional loans and credits, and private financing, including the enforcement of rights arising from such documents.

Contract law

In this field of law, we focus, at both national and international level, on preparing, negotiating and concluding contracts, configuring framework and individual contractual documentation, ordering systems, and general business terms and conditions. We prepare contracts both as the templates you need for your business and as custom contracts according to the requirements and suitability of the respective transaction.