Other services

Proceedings at the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

We are specialists in representing clients in proceedings at the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, including the preparation of the necessary legal documents such as appeals and constitutional complaints. We are able to effectively familiarize ourselves with previous proceedings and to propose the most effective approach in your case.

Proceedings at administrative courts against appellate financial directorates and proceedings at the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic

We are specialists in filing lawsuits and cassation complaints against decisions of appellate financial directorates, including developing strategies and representation before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Squeeze-outs of minority shareholders

We specialize in effective turnkey processes to squeeze out minority shareholders, including providing expert opinions and representation in subsequent proceedings.

Negotiations and litigation with trade unions

We specialize in situations where you — as the employer — are subject to trade unions and it is necessary to establish reasonable coexistence with them; we prepare and negotiate collective bargaining agreements. We can also represent you in disputes with trade unions, trade union leaders and members, including termination of their employment.


We specialize in this specific area of employee transfer in connection with the transfer of employer activity, transfer or lease of a business, or transfer of assets to which employees in the company are bound. We understand how to configure the process so that in the event of the application of TUPE, the employees remain with the acquiring company or, vice versa, so that the transfer of these employees to the acquiring employer is minimized.


We specialize in representing creditors in insolvency proceedings, including participation in creditors‘ committees, supervision of and cooperation with receivers, including demanding and extensive or otherwise specific insolvency processes.


We prepare comprehensive documentation and process configuration for compliance with GDPR rules without disturbing the normal operation of your business.


We specialize in the legal field of trademarks, including necessary reviews, applications, monitoring, transfers, licenses and protection.

Real estate packages

We set up sample contract documentation for real estate agencies, including but not limited to reservation and blocking contracts, future purchase contracts, purchase contracts and safekeeping contracts, including filings with the relevant cadastral offices.

Inheritance law

We prepare last wills, inheritance contracts and other instruments in the field of inheritance law during the testator‘s life, including representation of survivors in proceedings before a notary and in courts. We also deal with will invalidity and claiming greater inheritance interests than the last will or the law provides for.


We are specialists in arbitration, both domestic and international, especially in the field of commercial disputes and damages.

Liquidation of companies

 We focus intensively on the preparation and implementation of company liquidation, including compliance with the liquidator‘s obligations, winding up the company, settling creditors and company liabilities, archiving documentation and deleting the company from the Commercial Register.

Owners’ associations

We prepare the documentation as part of the privatization of flats, development projects or the sale of cooperative flats into private ownership, including owner declarations, statutes, contracts with managers, transfer contracts, and minutes from the meetings of unit owners.